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4CH 1080P POE Security Surveillance Cameras System

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What is it?

Each individual camera in this Full HD camera set uses just one Ethernet cable, which transmits both power and data. POE is one of the easiest types of closed circuit security systems to install today. Simply plug and play, mount your cameras in the best positions, and get monitoring! A central hard drive saves and manages your recordings, cameras, motion sensors, and connects to a TV or monitor for easy access. For 24 hour, nonstop coverage and recording, the POE hub is among the most perfect to suit your needs.  


Plug and Go

Even easier to install than AHD DVR systems. One thin Ethernet cable is all you need to connect each camera, providing better stability than battery cameras or wireless systems can ever hope to achieve.


Digital 1080P

See the difference! This POE system transmits digital signal and restores the most vivid images for you without distortion. The quality of POE has been lauded as the best in wired security features, and it shows through sheer quality.


100ft Night Vision

Spectacular 100ft of night vision for recording even in the darkest nights. 


Your Choice

Choose between a pre-installed 1TB hard-drive option, or save by installing your own hard drive for recording.


Built Tough

Each camera is built at an IP66 weatherproof rating and features vandal resistant metal housing. They will remain in a good working condition even in freezing winters or blazing summer heat.


Watch on TV

Connect to your favorite TV or monitor through HDMI for your very own security hub.


Remote Access

Use your favorite smartphone (Apple or Android) to stream live footage and get notified when movement is detected by each camera. Advanced options on both smartphones and the system itself allow you to personalize your own security web.



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